Analysis: Harbor of Progress: Unraveling Sri Lanka’s Colombo Port City

Key takeaways 

  • The Colombo Port City is a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) project initiated in 2014, in collaboration with the Sri Lankan government and CHEC Port City Colombo Pvt. Ltd (CPCC), a subsidiary of China Harbor Engineering Corporation. 
  • The zone is housed across 269 hectares of reclaimed land from the Indian Ocean and is designed to be a financial and business nucleus, positioning the island as a key player in the international economic arena. 
  • Leased for a period of 99 years by China’s CPCC, the Port City has been a heated topic in geopolitical dynamics, particularly as it is mapped under China’s Belt and Road Initiative. 
  • As the country approaches pivotal presidential elections in 2024, close examination of the Port City’s legislature, key stakeholders, and interest areas is crucial for the future of the island.  


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