Analysis: Eclipsed by Elections? The Future of the TTC Is TBD

Key Takeaways

  • The overriding message of the sixth ministerial of the U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council (TTC) was “we have done a lot, but there is much more work to do.” The U.S. and EU had hoped to end the TTC with a loud bang, going out of their ways to make a strong case for the format and the benefits of transatlantic cooperation during their sixth ministerial meeting in Belgium. 
  • The goal of this meeting was to wrap up progress made during this political cycle and to tee up issues that a new European Commission and the next U.S. presidential administration can continue to work on together. TTC officials spent little time speculating on the TTC’s future in the event of a Trump presidency, instead choosing to recount the TTC’s successes and utility while expressing general interest in the forum continuing in an undefined format in the future. While few new major announcements were made, despite some progress on AI, 6G, and semiconductors, U.S. and EU officials were in a self-congratulatory mode and keen to put their differences aside for the sake of unity. 
  • Despite the positive rhetoric, the future of the TTC is an open question. Both sides remain supportive of the format and want to keep it in some permutation, but elections, especially in the United States, will determine whether the TTC survives or goes by the wayside.


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