Tomas Valdes

Tomas Valdes is a Director in ASG’s Middle East and North Africa practice, where he supports clients working at the intersection of public policy, business intelligence, and strategic partnerships in global markets.

Before joining ASG, Mr. Valdes worked at Dubai-based strategic advisory Gulf Intelligence delivering customized intelligence and communications solutions to a client portfolio of government entities and multinationals operating throughout the region. Prior to Gulf Intelligence, Mr. Valdes was a research scholar in the United Arab Emirates via The Fulbright Program, researching the country’s crisis management with a focus on the responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and 2008 Financial Crisis.

Earlier in his career Mr. Valdes worked throughout the United States as a consultant in international financial markets for SS&C Eze, a leading provider of investment management software solutions, providing daily advisory services and workflow enhancements to asset managers. He then worked in Brazil at Apex Capital Ltda., streamlining processes that accommodated a $1 billion growth in assets under management.

Mr. Valdes has an M.B.A from Georgetown University and a B.A. from Tufts University. He has lived or worked in the U.S., Colombia, Brazil, France, and the UAE and is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, as well as basic Arabic.

He is based in Dubai, UAE.