Dentons Launches Dentons Global Advisors with Albright Stonebridge Group and Leading Advisory Industry Talent

With founding member Albright Stonebridge Group, move represents first step in building a premier new advisory firm, to be followed with further expansion around the world

Landmark step in Dentons’ long-held vision to be more than a law firm for clients

June 2, 2021 – Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, today announced the launch of Dentons Global Advisors, an elite multidisciplinary advisory firm that provides integrated strategic counsel and support for clients facing complex opportunities and challenges spanning commercial, reputational, financial, regulatory and governance dimensions.

Dentons Global Advisors comprises founding member Albright Stonebridge Group along with a team of seasoned advisory industry leaders, including Ed Reilly, who will serve as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The firm has experts in financial and regulatory centers throughout the world, with further coverage through Dentons’ presence in 204 locations across 81 countries.

Led by a team of 11 principals and chaired by The Honorable Madeleine K. Albright, the 64th United States Secretary of State, Albright Stonebridge Group has an extensive track record of helping clients understand and navigate international markets by drawing on expertise honed at the highest levels of government and business.

“We are proud to be a founding member of Dentons Global Advisors,” said Secretary Albright, Chair of Albright Stonebridge Group. “During the past twenty years, we have built unparalleled strategic advisory capabilities and developed a reputation for solving the hardest problems while making a positive impact around the world. We are pleased to have found partners who share our vision and have complementary expertise. This exciting new venture will provide even more opportunities for our team while delivering immense benefits to our clients who have wide-ranging needs.”

Dentons Global Advisors specializes in services including commercial diplomacy; capital markets advisory; transaction advisory; crisis, dispute and issue management; corporate positioning; as well as business and geopolitical risk advisory. The firm intends to expand into additional advisory services that help clients capture opportunities, manage change, assess and mitigate risk, address government challenges and, ultimately, enhance corporate value.

“In less than a decade, Dentons has built the largest law firm in the world and in partnering with Dentons Global Advisors, we intend to continue to scale our elite advisory offering with the geographic reach that will enable us to meet all of our clients’ needs,” said Joe Andrew, Global Chairman of Dentons and Board Member of Dentons Global Advisors. “With 20,000 people in 204 locations across 81 countries, we see that our clients have entered a New Dynamic Decade where they are being asked to address bigger and broader issues than ever before and need coordinated advisory services to help them reach all of their goals.”

While Dentons Global Advisors is independent from Dentons, and will work alongside other consulting firms, law firms, accounting firms and professional service providers of any expertise, its unique connection and combination with Dentons will provide a distinctive opportunity for clients to draw upon a broad range of expertise and drive seamless execution when needed.

"The world’s leading companies require holistic, integrated and multi-dimensional solutions that mirror the situations they face," said Elliott Portnoy, Global CEO of Dentons. "We are confident executive teams and board members will instantly see the unique value of partnering with an advisory firm that operates hand-in-glove with the world’s largest law firm, particularly when overseeing their most sensitive and confidential matters, such as transactions, crises, investigations or litigation.”

Dentons Global Advisors is led by Ed Reilly, an accomplished professional services executive known for synthesizing policy, market and reputational considerations into innovative strategies that support clients’ business priorities.

“Dentons Global Advisors was born from discussions with Joe Andrew and Elliott Portnoy. We observed the legal challenges and policy issues facing organizations regularly overlapped, creating a real need for integrated legal and advisory solutions,” said Reilly. “Being able to tap the global experience, excellent reputation, high-end capabilities and talent of Albright Stonebridge Group makes the proposition to clients even more compelling.”

Joining Reilly on the Dentons Global Advisors management team will be seasoned global advisory firm leaders who have counseled some of the world’s most successful companies. This group includes Deborah Scott, Head of EMEA, and Adam Cubbage, Head of New York, who are building out Dentons Global Advisors’ crisis, dispute and issue management, capital markets advisory, and corporate positioning offerings.

“Dentons Global Advisors is actively seeking to join forces with similarly-minded advisory firms and is recruiting exceptional individuals who are stimulated by complex client assignments on a global platform," said Scott. “Our professionals can expect to enjoy a collaborative, diverse and flexible work environment with an entrepreneurial culture and minimal bureaucracy."

Dentons will be a key collaborator, minority shareholder, and support service provider of Dentons Global Advisors.

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