Report: AI Decrypted: A Guide for Navigating AI Developments in 2024


Today’s AI global landscape is complicated and volatile.​ Last year will be remembered as the year Artificial Intelligence (AI) became a household word and a front-burner political issue. Spurred by the mass-market impact of ChatGPT and an upwelling of concern about AI risks, governments broke new ground on frameworks for AI governance, including regulation of “frontier” AI.

Maintaining this same degree of political and policy momentum on AI governance in 2024 will be difficult. While major governments have largely aligned on the broad outlines of AI policy through venues such as the G7, they are taking different approaches to making it a reality. Tough debates loom on questions including the risks and benefits of open-source AI and whether China will play a constructive role in the emerging global framework for AI safety. Policymakers will need to pivot from developing governance frameworks to the significant challenge of ensuring effective implementation of regulations in practice.

The convergence of technological developments and political uncertainty will present new business opportunities, regulatory risks, and the occasional crisis.

As businesses aim to navigate the AI landscape in 2024, we have outlined the 10 emerging trends and challenges that will define the future of AI.

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