Protecting $100 million market share in the Middle East


The Challenge

Swift action was imperative when our client, a major pharmaceuticals company, learned that an administrative error had invalidated the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) patent for one of its drugs, threatening its $100 million market for the drug in Saudi Arabia.

The ASG Approach

Our team worked quickly to develop a two-pronged government affairs advocacy plan: first, to reestablish and protect our client’s patent for an additional period; and second, to secure our client’s position in the market by building awareness of the company’s positive contributions to the health of the local population and economy. To solidify our client’s presence in the Saudi market and protect its significant investment there, we engaged with the highest levels of the Saudi government, and at the ministerial and working levels of the relevant agencies. Concurrently, our client coordinated its advocacy and outreach through the U.S. government to ensure that the Saudi government received consistent messages.

The Result

Our client was able to enforce its GCC patent to protect its market share in a competitive market.  We were also able to position our client as a partner with the government in addressing one of the country’s greatest health challenges, further strengthening its foundation for growth and sustained success.