Identifying conflict actors across Africa



A global technology company based in the U.S. sought to identify African countries at risk for violence sparked by online activities, through mapping of the conflict actors in Angola, Burundi​, Cameroon​, Central African Republic​, DRC​, Eritrea​, Ethiopia​, Kenya​, Mali​, Nigeria​, Somalia​, South Africa, South Sudan​, Sudan​, and Uganda.

ASG Approach

ASG's Africa team mapped out and conducted deep dive investigations into key conflict regions and conflict actors in the at-risk countries identified above. We provided high-level context on key conflict dynamics, including the type and triggers of the conflict, and outlined the languages spoken in specific countries to identify potential coverage gaps. We also identified local anti-violence civil society groups and assisted the client in developing and implementing its engagement strategy with these groups.


ASG’s focused and granular identification of conflict actors and explanation of conflicts informed the client’s decisions on how to prevent misuse of its product. Additionally, our civil society mapping and connection to civil society members through our broad network enhanced the client’s capabilities to work with local stakeholders to mitigate violence.

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