Developing an effective investment strategy in Pakistan


The Challenge

A multinational car manufacturer was considering investing in Pakistan’s automotive sector to manufacture and sell cars in the country. The company sought ASG’s assistance to assess policy changes, conduct an in-depth analysis of Pakistan’s economy, and develop an effective investment strategy.

The Approach

By utilizing our network in Pakistan, ASG provided our client with key information on regulatory changes being deliberated by the Pakistani government that would impact investment decisions of car manufacturers. We used our proprietary frameworks to conduct a thorough analysis of Pakistan’s economy and its automotive sector, then mapped growth opportunities against future investment risks.

The Result

Our client made investment decisions based on our recommendations and risk mitigation strategies. Through stakeholder development and engagement, we also laid the groundwork to positively influence auto policy in the country.  ASG developed a medium-term investment plan for this company, which is now well-positioned for success in Pakistan.

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