Addressing global reputational brand risk in India


The Challenge

A leading professional services firm faced global reputational risks and a threat to its license to operate in India due to alleged employee malfeasance.

The ASG Approach

Our India team developed a multifaceted advocacy and crisis management strategy to avoid precipitous government action, assure the firm’s ability to operate, and protect its highly regarded global brand. The first priority was preventing further damage to our client’s image in the eyes of government policymakers and regulators. To this end, our on-the-ground team in India mapped the relevant officials and organizations, then developed an engagement and messaging platform that clearly conveyed our client’s interests and the seriousness with which the company was addressing the issue. Through a thoughtful and ongoing messaging and engagement strategy, our client effectively communicated its commitment to implementing best practices in India and in every country where it operates.

The Result

Through systematic outreach to the right stakeholders and decision-makers, and a transparent approach to communicating the actions being taken, the crisis was diffused. Sustained engagement efforts safeguarded our client’s reputation and put its business back on track for enduring success.

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