Positioning for long-term success in the U.S.


The Challenge

A Europe-based automobile manufacturer faced rapidly evolving emissions and fuel economy regulations in the United States and elsewhere. The new regulations did not fully recognize the manufacturer’s ongoing efforts to produce innovative and eco-friendly vehicles. The company sought a strategy for communicating the benefits of its new vehicle designs and its commitment to playing a leadership role on sustainability issues to key opinion leaders and to the public.

The ASG Approach

We helped our client hone its messages, design a positioning strategy, and engage key stakeholders in a variety of settings. The overall aim: to move the company from a defensive stance to a more constructive and proactive role in the public dialogue. We drew on ASG's extensive network to convene discussions with relevant thought leaders, and created opportunities for the company to deepen relationships with a broad range of interested parties and highlight the benefits of its approach. We facilitated and advised on our client’s participation in various industry events, with coordinated media coverage, enabling our client to be a progressive voice in the public dialogue on climate issues.

The Result

Our client is now positioned as an industry leader on sustainability, and has forged new relationships with important stakeholders. The company will leverage its enhanced profile as it moves to offer even more innovative and fuel efficient vehicles in the future.

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